‘Djurebil’ – Sacred Place’ round Rug

 This stunning artwork is by Bundjalung artist Holly Sanders  (read more about her on Our Artists page)

The Story behind the Design

This artwork acknowledges the traditional owners of this land, sea and sky. It pays respect to our Elders of the past and present for their strength, knowledge and leadership, and to our jarjum’s (children) who are our future Elders. The patterns and meeting place symbols throughout represent gatherings, sandhills and Country, symbolising our ongoing connection to the land and ocean. We have thrived and lived sustainably with the land we now call Australia for more than 60 000 years. The warm natural colours represent the sand, ochre and colours of the Country. We are the ancient people of this land - we respect and listen to the land, our elders and the ancient spirits - our ancestors have walked this sacred country for millennia and continue to live on in the land, water and the sky. This connection and relationship to Country continues to remain strong today.

Perfect for play-based learning, and for children to engage, connect to the stories & in turn spark conversation!

Material & size

This rug measures 2m diameter with an 8mm pile featuring a 100% superfine polyester surface & non-slip backing

Cleaning the rug

spot wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth or soft brush and airdry.