How do I care for my rug? 

Polyester rugs-Our Polyester rugs can be washed using a soft brush or damp cloth to clean gently. To ensure longevity with rug, please ensure it is kept out of direct sunlight.

Flatweave wool rugs- To reduce the wear & tear of traffic patterns on your flatweave wool rug, best to rotate the rug on a regular basis. Blot up any spills with a paper towel or damp cloth, do not wipe or scrub. To remove any stains, try dabbing on a  small amount of mild soap and cold water. 

How do I care for my cushion?

Our cushions are made from100%, the covers are machine washable in cold water.

What material are the rugs made from?

Our Polyester rugs have an 8mm pile and feature a 100% superfine polyester surface & non slip backing.

Our Flatweave rugs are 100% wool and made in India

Where are the rugs made?

All of our rugs are designed by Indigenous artists and manufactured in Asia.

Is this an Aboriginal owned business?

Yes, we are proudly 100% Aboriginal owned and operated! 

Do the Artists receive commission?

Yes, all artists receive commission from each item sold. This was one of the most important factors when Emro Designs started. We wanted to ensure that we were helping to ensure a sustainable income for the artists so they are able to continue sharing our rich culture through their artwork.

Are you able to invoice our school/ Daycare Centre?

Yes, just send us an email to with a Purchase order, or with items you are wishing to purchase & we can send through an invoice.