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Garra Goon- Type II Vinyl Wallpaper

Garra-Goon meaning Ocean in Kija Language, explores the juxtaposition of the ocean’s mighty strength, yet calming presence. Further, the jagged lines and sudden colour changes allude to the indescribable feeling when one reconnects with the ocean - so refreshing that it almost takes your breath away.

Designed by Kija Bardi artist Kamilya Lowana-White, where you can read more about on Our Artists page.

Grasscloth-Commercial grade Type II printable vinyl wallcovering

Embossed vinyl face with laminated fabric backing

Weight: 457gsm
Finished width: 137cm

Fire Test Ratings:  AS/NZS 3837: 1998
Mould/Mildew: ASTM-G21 Specifications Passed all requirements
FR treated: Mould, mildew & fungal resistant

Scrubbable and also has an antimicrobial treatment.

Printed in Australia using eco-friendly HP Latex inks

Printed to order- please contact us for sample packs

Garra Goon- Type II Vinyl Wallpaper
Garra Goon- Type II Vinyl Wallpaper Sale price$170.00

We are Proudly First Nations Owned

All Artists we work with receive commission from each item sold.

It is important our rich culture continues to be shared, so it's important we ensure the artists we work with receive a sustainable income so they can continue sharing stories through their artwork