‘Wajunbihn Jagun’ Rug- Mother Country | EMRO Designs
‘Wajunbihn Jagun’ Rug- Mother Country | EMRO Designs

‘Wajunbihn Jagun’ Rug- Mother Country 2m round

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This beautiful, bright artwork is by Bundjalung artist Holly Sanders and represents and celebrates the relationship between First Nations peoples and our Country.

Country is our mother, and gives us our identity and sense of belonging. Our relationship with Country is sacred, and is interconnected with our culture, family and kinship, traditions, songlines, languages, and physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The meeting place circles scattered throughout represent the diversity, strength and resilience of our First Nation’s communities, families and cultures.

The lines and detailed patterns across the artwork symbolise our songlines and an aerial view of Country. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

This rug comes measures 2m round with an 8mm pile featuring a 100% superfine polyester surface & non slip backing

Cleaning rug-spot wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth or soft brush.