Seaside Healing Wallpaper

Designed by Murawari artist Daisy Hill, our Seaside Healing artwork represents the seashore. A place we seek for connection, healing and reflection. The sunlight glistens across the sand where there are footprints, sea flowers and seashells. The ocean is our medicine, our vitamin sea - we must protect her and in return, she will heal our pain, sickness and heartbreak.

Rolls dimensions: 24" (61.5cm) x 33ft (10.05m)

Vertical repeat: 61.5cm

Pattern match: Straight match

Finish: Pre-trimmed-Butt join

Cleanibility: Washable

Usage: Domestic 


Note: Samples are provided for review of the material, pattern scale and print technique—they are not intended to be used for colour matching purposes. There can be slight shifts in colour between runs, so your wallpaper may vary slightly from sample colouring.

Please ensure that you order the correct amount as we do not guarantee that rolls printed in different batches will be an exact match.