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'Yingir People’ Rug 2x3m rug-Pre-Order

PLEASE NOTE-this item is pre-order & will be delivered in mid-August

This beautiful "Yingir People” design is by Bundjalung artist- Zoey Hart. (check out more about him on Our Artists page)

The Story Behind the Design

This piece is titled “Yingir People” which means Saltwater people.

Zoey says “Being from Bundjalung Nation we are Saltwater people. Our diet mostly came from the sea or the rivers and creeks. I’ve tried to show in this art how beautiful and blue the water is and its many different inlets that lead into other little creeks. The larger circle represents a swimming hole where the Jarjums would play. I’ve painted this in purple to show how fun this place is. The greener sections represent the healing properties that saltwater has. My Elders have all told me to jump in the water if I had something wrong with me and I still to this day try to get in the Saltwater as much as I can"

Perfect for play-based learning, and for children to engage, connect to the stories & in turn spark conversation!

Material & size

This rug measures 2x3m diameter with an 8mm pile featuring a 100% superfine polyester surface & non-slip backing.

Cleaning the rug

Spot wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth or soft brush, and airdry.